Because of its speed, flexibility, small footprint and cost-effectiveness, Optical LAN is being adopted across numerous industries.

Optical LAN technology provides several benefits:

  1. Increased security
  2. Simplified infrastructure
  3. Reduced installation
  4. Minimal maintenance
  5. Eliminate IDF/MDF
  6. Future-proof
  7. ITU Standard 2003-Optical LAN (ITU-T G.984.X)
  8. 2.4 GBPS Download Speed
  9. Each OLT Supports 48 GB of bi-directional bandwidth to the core

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For increased bandwidth, copper Ethernet installations require replacement of cabling, while Optical LAN upgrades can be performed by replacing optics, leaving existing fiber intact. 

With fiber, other wavelengths can be used, allowing for multiplexing of a nearly limitless range of bandwidth-intensive applications, including television and data/voice networking.
When installing fiber-optic cabling, multiple strands can be utilized for scalability, redundancy and recovery — all in substantially less physical space than copper.


Simplified management software eliminates the need for CLI access and related serial communications hardware. Endpoint connectivity is configured and managed from a single administrative point, providing total visibility for the entire environment.
With only two potential failure points, (the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) at the user endpoint, the Optical LAN Terminal (OLT) at the core), costly troubleshooting and network repairs are dramatically reduced. 
Eliminates the complex chaining of Ethernet switch to Ethernet switch (as in typical core -> distribution -> access -> end-user-device model).


Envistacom’s Optical LAN Unified Capabilities system hardware and software has received Joint Interoperability Test Command Certification (JITC) and Information Assurance (IA) Accreditation in accordance with the Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) 8100.4, Unified Capabilities. Therefore, the system is able to connect to the Global Information Grid (GIG).
Envistacom works exclusively with vendors that hold JITC certifications for Optical LAN solutions.