What We Do


Envistacom provides essential mission support with full-spectrum intelligence agencies can act on.

An Informational Edge

As threats grow more diverse and interconnected, U.S. agencies with intelligence operations need more advanced capabilities to keep their informational edge.

Envistacom’s technical and intelligence experts help agencies enhance their operations by giving them full command of their operational data.

Drawing from disciplines native to the intelligence field, our experts collect, analyze and deliver actionable information at the pace of the mission.

We produce technology-enhanced intelligence that equips warfighters, analysts and strategists with a common operating picture — enabling them to counter threats and sustain awareness at every organizational level.

Our elite team of specialists bring decades of experience from across the DoD and various government agencies. The problems we solve are the problems we’ve lived — allowing us to assess and respond with extreme agility.

Today, those agencies we were a part of rely on our expertise to maintain an intelligent advantage — on the battlefield and beyond.


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