Satellite 2021 Conference


September 7, 2021 — September 10, 2021


Washington, DC

The world-class SATELLITE Conference consists of the most relevant and important topics facing both the satellite industry and end-users. The show gathers a diverse group of thought leaders to share their viewpoints. The format and content are built specifically with you in mind, designed so you can easily chart a path during SATELLITE week that will benefit your business.

During Satellite 2021, Envistacom’s Juan Deaton, a Research Scientist for Envistacom’s Advanced Technology Group, will be moderating a panel focused on the future of modem architecture.

WHERE: Gaylord National Convention Center, Room Baltimore 1-2
WHEN: 11:00am-12:00pm EDT on Tuesday, September 7, 2021
WHAT: “The Future of Modem Architectures” Panel

Satellite ground networks are at the focal point of the fusion of many core technologies that will have a transformative impact on architectures and industry business models. In this session, attendees will learn how the modularization of modem architectures allows for the deployment of commodity hardware for satellite communications systems, which in itself, lays the foundation for virtualization. Speakers will also explain how the emergence of technologies like dual fabric silicon, RFSoCs, and heterogeneous computing are allowing for modularization of modem architecture.

Moderator: Dr. Juan Deaton, Research Scientist, Envistacom


  • Kfir Benjamin, CEO at GetSAT
  • Mike Dean, DoD SATCOM Chief with the US Department of Defense
  • Ben Hilburn, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft
  • AJ Vigil, Senior Scientist at System Technologies Inc.
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