Envistacom’s Maryland R&D Center Continues to Grow

February 2, 2021

Envistacom, LLC, a leading technology company opened its Frederick, Maryland research and
development center in February 2020. Envistacom delivers advanced communications, cyber, and
intelligence services and solutions to its customers, primarily the US Government and Department of
Defense. Centrally located in Maryland between Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington,
D.C., the center is in an ideal location for access by our customers as well as for attracting top talent. The
office allows expansion for over 50 employees and over the next several years, Envistacom will continue
to hire employees with a range of experience and skill levels.

The company has continued hiring efforts throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, with several virtual
recruiting events for the Frederick location coming up starting in February 2021. Recruitment efforts will
take place at universities and colleges within the region to search for graduates and interns in much
needed technical disciplines such as electrical and computer engineering or computer science.
Seasoned professionals who seek new challenges in this industry and who want to work for an
innovative, fast-growing company will also enjoy working in the local thriving community.

The Frederick office has a strong focus on advancing Envistacom’s Transport Virtualization Ecosystem
technology. The local team will support the development and productization of cutting-edge, high-speed
processing hardware and software applications using heterogeneous, high-performance computing
(HPC) architectures. Our technology solutions will provide increased agility and resilience for satellite
and tactical radio networks using high-level programming languages to create digital signal processing
waveform applications traditionally developed on FPGAs or ASICs with low-level hardware descriptive
languages. Virtualized waveform applications running on HPC platforms are targeted for deployment in
the cloud, private data center, satellite teleport, cellular tower, or embedded tactical applications.

Envistacom’s Frederick R&D center is also a recipient of two Navy Conventional Prompt Strike (CPS)
Program Office’s $6.5 million Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contracts aiming to leverage the
creativity and agility of small businesses to accelerate advances in hypersonic technology. The Navy is
the lead service for design and development of the Hypersonic Glide Body and All-Up Round.
Envistacom is excited to be able to help in the development of that technology at our Frederick office.

In December 2020, the Board of Governors of the Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and
Development (BIRD) Foundation approved $7.45 million in funding for eight new projects between U.S.
and Israeli companies. Envistacom was a recipient of the funding in which they will partner with Ayecka
Communication Systems (Kfar Saba, Israel) to build a Satellite Communication and 5G Virtual Modem
Edge device to enable waveform technologists and service providers to input digitized proprietary
waveforms for wireless transmission. This work will be done at the company’s Frederick facility.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Envistacom has additional R&D and Innovation Centers located in Georgia. In
2020, Envistacom was selected as one of the Top 40 Innovative Technology Companies in Georgia by the
Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) and a Military Times’ Best for Vets employer. The company
also operates in several other U.S. locations and in more than 10 countries. To learn more about
Envistacom and discover career opportunities, visit

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