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Envistacom Completes Acquisition of Fast Fit Technologies

May 9, 2019

WASHINGTON, DC., May 7, 2019 – Envistacom announced today during SATELLITE 2019 that it has completed the acquisition of Fast Fit Technologies , the leader in virtualized communication waveforms and data analytics solutions. This acquisition represents a strategic expansion for Envistacom adding to the company’s Intellectual Property portfolio and positioning Envistacom to serve as a communication waveform and data analytics virtualization integrator for future Department of Defense network modernization efforts.

Based upon an initial Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract award and multiple subsequent waveform virtualization contracts with the US ARMY, US NAVY, and other related customers, Fast Fit Technologies has demonstrated its clear leadership position in this arena. This acquisition will enable Envistacom to virtualize the entire communications architecture to provide ultimate flexibility and resiliency for current and next generation satellite constellations and global communications networks. The vision is a common communication network infrastructure that can host any communications infrastructure’s waveform as virtualized applications selectable in real-time from a library of IP cores by the user.

Located in Frederick, Maryland, Fast Fit Technologies is the pioneer of open-source communication waveform and data analytics virtualization using the OpenCL framework for heterogenous computing and targeting COTS High-Performance Computing (HPC) servers equipped with FPGA-based hardware acceleration. The company has virtualized a number of waveforms and other applications that are available as a library for customer use. During live demonstrations, their high performance optimized OpenCL library of cores delivered performance comparable to purpose built hardware. Moreover, the virtualized applications can be hosted in a private data center with HPC servers or can be hosted as a cloud-based application using Public data center resources. Envistacom will continue to expand this highly optimized virtual library with additional open-standard and proprietary waveforms as well as other data analytics and network applications.

“With the emergence of High Capacity Satellite (HCS) and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) networks, proprietary waveforms are often developed to optimize the performance of those networks. These unique systems have traditionally required purpose-built and often proprietary modem hardware,” said Michael Geist, Vice President, Strategy and Technology, Envistacom. “Virtualization will allow users who require network flexibility and resiliency to benefit from the ability to operate across networks, satellites and constellations without being limited by any single ecosystem.”

“The combined team will realize a virtualization strategy providing a scalable hardware agnostic solution with support for any communications infrastructure (terrestrial radio, tactical radio, satellite, cellular, etc.) and support for any and all virtualized waveforms and data analytics requirements,” said Michael Beeler, COO of Fast Fit Technologies. “Our expertise in virtualization will play an integral role in developing a communications network infrastructure that is waveform agnostic, flexible, resilient and minimizes dependency on purpose-built communications equipment,” said Kasra Toyserkani, CTO of Fast Fit Technologies.

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