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Envistacom Announces Its Transport Virtualization Ecosystem

March 6, 2020

As an independent integrator of solutions, Envistacom’s transport virtualization ecosystem will benefit both users and waveform companies

ATLANTA, GA – March 3, 2020 – Envistacom, LLC, a leading technology enterprise which delivers advanced communications, cyber and other related services and solutions to customers in the aerospace, defense, and intelligence communities, outlined its plan to develop a “Transport Virtualization Ecosystem” which will enable customers to benefit directly from gaining access to leading technology applications all in an open architecture environment and provide a distribution reducing time to market for waveform companies.

As recently cited in the US Space Force’s Enterprise SATCOM Vision document, the Space Force identified five key attributes of future SATCOM networking to achieve their objective for “Fighting SATCOM”:

  1. Rapid, resilient, sustainable and global access to SATCOM capabilities. This includes the ability for all DoD users to quickly obtain and maintain satellite communications through all operating environments relevant to their mission.
  2. Terminal and modem agility. This allows terminals to operate on a variety of waveforms over varying frequencies, with quick transition or, when possible, simultaneously.
  3. Network agility. This enables users to maintain their networks when transitioning to a different beam, antenna, satellite or system.
  4. Cyber, link and operational security. This will provide cyber resiliency for warfighters, protecting their information and control systems in the face of a determined and sophisticated attacker.
  5. Data interoperability with joint command and control systems. This is the ability of warfighters and space enterprise C2 systems to effectively exchange information.

Envistacom’s Transport Virtualization Ecosystem will enable the US Space Force and commercial service providers alike to realize their vision of ubiquitous connectivity without forcing standards which have traditionally constrained innovation by creating common denominator specifications or consuming lengthy development cycles resulting from common standards review and certification processes.

“We are pleased our transport virtualization technology and strategy concepts align with the Department of Defense as well as our commercial customers,” said Michael Geist, Envistacom’s Senior Vice President of Strategy & Technology.  “We are poised to enable our technology partners to deliver truly resilient connectivity in preparation for the intersection of terrestrial and space-based networking referred to as 6G.”

Envistacom’s virtualization efforts build upon the company’s recently announced technology patents leading to the establishment of this open-architecture Transport Virtualization Ecosystem.  The Ecosystem is an environment where real-time continuous processing application technologists can bring their latest developments to be tested; and ultimately available in the marketplace faster than through the traditional development and integration of purpose-built hardware.

About Envistacom, LLC

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Envistacom provides communications, cyber and intelligence operations solutions to the U.S. DoD and coalition partners in the aerospace, defense, and intelligence communities. Customers rely on Envistacom for rapid-response, secure technology solutions and subject-matter expertise to support mission critical operations. With an elite team of former military leaders and domain experts located around the world, and multiple indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract vehicles worth over $62B, Envistacom is a trusted partner in protecting military, civilians and critical infrastructure around the world.  Envistacom is a Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business (DWOSB). For more information on solutions or contract vehicles, please visit, and follow @Envistacom on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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