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Envistacom Acquires New R&D Assets From TAPE

October 17, 2014

ATLANTA, Oct. 7, 2014 – Envistacom has purchased the research, development, test and evaluation assets of TAPE, LLC.

This acquisition of intellectual property includes TAPE, LLC’s prime contract from the U.S. Army Materiel Command, Army Research Laboratory (ARL.) OMNI III. This contract is focused on developing and supporting new concepts for applications of advanced technology by customers whose principal focus is to counteract and defeat growing worldwide asymmetrical threats.

Alyssa Carson, president of Envistacom stated, “The rapid evolution and sophistication of asymetric threats, includng cyber-attacks on sensitive information, demands the most innovative and superior solutions, to protect information and safeguard national security. Envistacom is priviliged to support our national security customers in developing solutions for asymmetric threats based on advanced technical capabilities and talented workforce. These new R&D, testing and evaluation assets offer our customers, including those engaged in special operations and irregular warfare; responsive, rapid, and cost-effective access to solutions, and position Envistacom as an incumbent for the Advanced Expeditionary Warfare Development (AEWD) follow on contract vehicle.”


Known for its systems engineering expertise, TAPE provides technological, management/program support, and training solutions to government agencies. From program staffing and acquisition to information systems, modeling and simulation and cyber security solutions, TAPE brings a nontraditional, innovative approach that solves existing problems while anticipating and mitigating new ones. The company maintains its competitive advantage by providing state-of-the-art support services and leveraging innovative methodologies and processes that can be easily integrated and implemented. To learn more about TAPE, visit

About Envistacom

Envistacom is a privately held, Hispanic woman-owned technology company that provides counterterrorism, cyber and communications solutions to U.S. and coalition partners in the aerospace, defense and intelligence communities. Customers rely on Envistacom for innovative technology and subject-matter expertise to achieve their missions in identifying and defeating global threats. Envistacom is a trusted partner in protecting military, civilians and critical infrastructure around the world.

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