We combine a full spectrum of synchronized offensive and defensive cyber capabilities to protect national security and critical infrastructure.

Our cyberspace capabilities include:

    • Information Operations
    • Electronic Warfare
    • Cyber Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)
    • Offensive Cyber Operations (OCO)
    • Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO)
    • Research and Development
    • Policy Development and Compliance/Governance
    • Risk Management Framework (RMF), Including Certification and Accreditation of Networks and Systems
    • Migration from DIACAP to RMF
    • Vulnerability Assessments/Risk Analysis
    • Network and Perimeter Security Engineering
    • Security Operations and Management, Including Facility Security Officers (FSO)
    • Implementation of Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG)
    • Software and Server Security Engineering
    • Mobile Device Management, Including Endpoint Encryption
    • Identity and Access Management via Multifactor Authentication
    • High Availability and Disaster Recovery
    • Penetration Testing
    • Technology Exploitation