Innovation through intellectual curiosity, collaboration and an open-ecosystem mindset enables new capabilities to reach users faster.

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Meaningful Innovation

As a solutions provider, Envistacom is modernizing DoD and commercial communications infrastructures while developing new means for transport interoperability and resiliency.

The nature of satellite connectivity is changing as we move from wide-beam satellites to high-capacity satellites (HCS), high-throughput satellites (HTS), as well as medium (MEO) and low Earth orbit (LEO) constellations. Most are unique in their design by way of orbit, frequency, polarization scheme, and waveform, creating a challenge for users seeking unfettered access to ubiquitous connectivity. Terrestrial connectivity faces similar challenges through frequency licensing, range, network topology, waveform, and the like.

Meeting the Challenge

To meet the growing need for interoperable wireless connectivity solutions, we’re developing an open ecosystem for network transport and other real-time continuous processing applications. Through our Transport Virtualization Ecosystem (TVE), common Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) hardware can be utilized to remove the logistical hurdles typically associated with innovating in a purpose-built hardware environment.

This enables innovation to reach the users who need it, faster. With this, Envistacom aims to enable future multi-band, multi-beam terminals to seamlessly move through networks (terrestrial or celestial) to achieve the best possible connectivity for their applications.

Simply defined, Transport Virtualization is the abstraction of real-time continuous processing applications from legacy purpose-built hardware to be instantiated on a heterogeneous computing platform (i.e. an HPC) using portable high-level programming languages.

Enabling Our Customers and Partners

Envistacom also partners with commercial satellite operators and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to help the DoD securely leverage these new technologies. Our resilient connectivity services allow the DoD to obtain cost-effective global connectivity while maintaining a defense-level security posture. We support the back-end terrestrial networking environment to ensure the same reliable and secure network connectivity from strategic location to tactical endpoint. Our mission is to enable our customers and partners to do more with less.

Envistacom's Virtual Transport Technology is Here!

Simplifying Satellite Access to Multi-Orbit Multi-Domain Missions

Capabilities & Solutions


  • Waveforms
  • Order Wires
  • Position Navigation & Timing
  • Telematics
  • Instrumentation
  • Interference Mitigation
  • Encryption
  • Data Analytics


  • Wi-Fi 5/6
  • 4G LTE/5G
  • Optical Transport Network (OTN)
  • Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)
  • Encryption/CSfC
  • Line-of-Sight (LOS)
  • Vendor-agnostic solutions for cost-effective, reliable connectivity
  • Customized solutions based on infrastructure availability
  • Inside Plant and Outside Plant cabling support


  • Geostationary Orbit
  • Medium Earth Orbit
  • Low Earth Orbit
  • Secure
  • Interoperable

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