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Systems Integrators: The General Contractors of the Technology World

You have decided to build your next home on a beautiful spot up in the mountains. It’s really a great location - there’s a lake nearby, a general store six miles away, and a generous view of the sunset to the west. You and your spouse are pretty handy, and both of you have experience as project managers. You use houses all the time and [...]

Betting Against Downtime

It’s not a question of “if”, but a certain “when”. Your network will be attacked. It will likely experience downtime, and restoring it to normal operation will most certainly be costly. Worst yet; it could be persistently hacked without your knowledge and provide rogue entities a direct line to all your corporate operations. Bare metal, colocation, managed hosting, on-premises or cloud based? Fully vs. partially [...]

The Art of War: A cybersecurity take

October 16, 2016 - "Sun Tzu said..." “With these words begins a timeless study of warfare strategy, The Art of War.” I’m sure Sun Tzu never imagined a battlefield where enemies appear, disappear and regenerate faster than the human eye can blink. Eons away from smartphones, iPads and laptops, his words are “on point” and as relevant to cybersecurity today, as they were to foot soldiers and generals waging wars in antiquity.